Update following Manco Meeting of 6 November 2018

South African Engineers’ and Founders’ Association

13 November 2018

On the 26th of October, we sent members an email explaining that the request for extension of the Main Agreement, the Admin Agreement and the Sick Pay Fund Agreement had been sent back to the MEIBC by the DoL and that parties would be meeting again on 6 November to discuss the way forward.  At the Manco meeting on 6 November, some of the parties submitted that they needed further time to consider their positions and so weren’t in a position to discuss the requests for extension of any of the agreements mentioned above.  However, the Administrator of the MEIBC informed parties that he had taken it upon himself to re-submit the request for extension of the Admin Agreement to the DoL. 

This means that the attempt to extend the Main Agreement will be delayed even further.  We are currently considering our position regarding the extension of the Admin Agreement.  SAEFA has consistently insisted that the MEIBC cease cross subsidising the administrative function of the MEIBC by using funds intended for dispute resolution.  Despite being given this assurance in the past by the MEIBC, it continues to cross subsidise.  SAEFA members’ view on this is clear – we cannot support the gazettal and extension of the Admin Agreement until such time as this unsustainable practice ceases.  Whilst we have seen vast improvements in the financial management of the MEIBC, we believe that there is still room for improvement, particularly in the area of the cross-subsidisation, as explained.
We are disappointed that the gazettal and extension of the Sick Pay Fund Agreement has been delayed and will continue to work towards its effective gazettal and extension. 
Please contact Gordon should you have any queries.