Wage Negotiation Update

South African Engineers’ and Founders’ Association

23 January 2019

In previous correspondence to members, we advised that in October last year, the Director of Collective Bargaining at the Department of Labour refused to process the request for the extension of the 2017 – 2020 Settlement Agreement on the basis that it was riddled with “shortcomings”.  In response, on the 15th of January, NUMSA submitted the demands below to the MEIBC.  As is evident from their letter, NUMSA now wish to initiate negotiations to amend their employer-unfriendly settlement agreement so that they can foist it on the 90% of employers in the industry who want no part of it.  This is all despite the SA Engineers and Founders Association continuously requesting NUMSA and the other trade unions to do what is right and return to the negotiating table, since August 2017.


This latest development provides further opportunity for us to remind the trade unions that our demands have yet to be addressed, specifically (but not limited to):

  • The introduction of a New Entrant Wage Structure starting at R30/hour
  • The ability to grant wage increases on minimum and not actual rates of pay
  • Special dispensation for small and regionally-based businesses

We will keep members up to date with any developments. Shourld you have any queries, please contact gordon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.