Wage Negotiation Update No 28

South African Engineers’ and Founders’ Association

10 April 2019

Parties to the MEIBC met today following the MEIBC Management Committee (Manco) meeting of Tuesday, 26 March where it was resolved that Main Agreement negotiations would continue.  The meeting was facilitated by Commissioner Mapelo Tsatsimpe from the CCMA, who opened by stating that she had been briefed by the MEIBC.  SAEFA nevertheless suggested that the parties be given an opportunity to caucus with her separately, so as to ensure that she has a proper understanding of the history and events that have led to the current situation plaguing the MEIBC and the industry.

We then broke for caucus and explained our position to the Commissioner, who responded by informing us that she now realised that she had not been told the background facts which had led to the current impasse. 

After a brief caucus with the trade unions, the Commissioner called the parties together again and SAEFA reiterated that the rationale behind its proposals for a new entrant wage structure starting at R30 per hour for general labourers as well as its proposal of increases being awarded on minimums and not on actuals (amongst other proposals) was that we are trying to save an industry in crisis which is haemorrhaging jobs at an alarming rate.  Unfortunately, the trade unions once again rejected our proposals, stating that referring to impending job losses that would result if urgent action isn’t taken was a “blackmailing tactic”.  This led to the Commissioner calling an end to the engagement.  The parties are now to decide at the next Manco meeting what the process to be followed will be. 

SAEFA will keep members informed of developments.

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