Why Not to Have a Main Agreement

South African Engineers’ and Founders’ Association

20 June 2019

SEIFSA have recently been advertising a training session about their wage agreement with the unions. In it they trumpet the phrase: “If not the Main Agreement - then what else?”.

They are charging over R3,000 for the session for non-members, bearing in mind that if one is not a SEIFSA member then their agreement doesn’t apply to you anyway. Further, the SEIFSA-NUMSA wage agreement reached in mid-2017 has not been extended to the rest of the industry, so it cannot be called a “Main Agreement” at all.  This is despite advertising on their website and via email circulars that the terms and conditions of employment contained in their Main Agreement Handbook are applicable to all employers and employees in the industry.

The SA Engineers and Founders Association (SAEFA) will be hosting sessions on why NOT to be a part of the SEIFSA “Main Agreement”. These sessions will be free of charge and open to anyone in the industry, including SEIFSA members. Sessions will be held on 28 June and 4 July 2019 at the Reading Country Club, 40 Fore Street, Alberton.

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