Essential operations during lockdown

South African Engineers’ and Founders’ Association

25 March 2020

In announcing the lockdown a few days ago, President Ramaphosa stated that certain categories of businesses will be exempt from the lockdown.  These businesses should continue to operate in order to provide critical products and services to the country.  It has been announced that an official list of categories will be released later today. 

Please note that the lockdown applies to all businesses and that the list of exclusions will refer to specific critical business activities only.  Therefore, should an activity of any business not be listed, such activity must be ceased as per the lockdown regulations.

However, should your business form part of the supply chain in a critical area, you will be permitted to continue, subject to continuing to observe social distancing and suitable Occupational Health and Safety rules to prevent the spreading of the virus.

In the interim, employers are advised to provide their employees with a letter of confirmation.  A template for this purpose is available on request.

Employers are required to:

  • copy the template onto a letterhead;
  • complete all company information on this template;
  • prepare an individual letter indicating the name of each employee who will be working (attach a copy of his/her identity document);
  • identify the sector as per the included list;
  • provide a company stamp; and
  • inform their local police station.

Please contact the office should you have any queries relating to the above.