South African Engineers’ and Founders’ Association

9 May 2017

In the Wage Negotiation Advisory No.2, sent out last week, we informed you that most of the employer parties had supported SA Engineers and Founders’ appointment of Mr Jonathan Goldberg as lead negotiator in the 2017 Main Agreement negotiations.  We also reported that SEIFSA had yet to make a decision regarding the appointment, but was scheduled to make a decision on 8 May 2017.  We are pleased to report that at a meeting convened yesterday, the associations affiliated to SEIFSA have taken a decision and have chosen to support the SA Engineers and Founders Association initiative of appointing Mr Goldberg as lead negotiator in the negotiations. 

Don’t Risk Harsher Penalties for Non-Compliance with the Employment Equity Act

The recently released 17th Commission for Employment Equity Report has led to the Department of Labour adopting a harsher stance on non-compliance with the Employment Equity Act, with the Department now contemplating adopting harsher consequences for companies who do not meet the obligations of the Act.

The South African Engineers and Founders Association, in partnership with Gordon Angus and Associates, is presenting a half-day workshop on how to deal with your obligations under the Employment Equity Act.
To learn more about the Employment Equity Act and its impact on your business, book your place (booking form attached) on our training workshop, Effective Implementation of the Employment Equity Act being held on 1 June 2017, or email us to discuss in-house training options.  Email Gordon for more details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   

3 May 2017

Employer parties to the MEIBC received formal demands from NUMSA this afternoon (attached). The demands were forwarded by the Office of the General Secretary, along with an offer of assistance from the CCMA to provide a facilitator to assist the parties in the negotiation process.

In line with the requirements of the MEIBC Constitution, NUMSA have formally requested that a meeting of the Management Committee (Manco) be convened, officially kicking off the negotiating process.

The SA Engineers and Founders Association is extremely pleased to have seen, and been part of, the great turnout at the public marches on Friday 7th April in support of removing President Zuma and ending the rampant corruption that is crippling SA.

All of us as South Africans have to stand together and show that we will no longer tolerate what has been done to us a country by those who were elected to be the custodians thereof.

We urge all businesses owners, managers, employees and every single SA citizen who desperately wants a better country to keep up with public activism in every way possible, and to drive and be the change we all want and need.

SA Engineers and Founders is committed to this essential movement, and extends an open invitation to collaboration with all other like-minded patriots.

Ross Williams
The South African Engineers and Founders Association

2 May 2017

Following the Executive Committee and General Members’ meetings of the South African Engineers and Founders Association on 21 February 2017, we would like to update you on developments regarding the 2017 Main Agreement negotiations.  In line with our mandate, the SA Engineers and Founders Association Exco has approached Mr Jonathan Goldberg (, a seasoned veteran of industry level wage and conditions of employment negotiations, to lead the employer caucus in this year’s wage talks.  Jonathan has a proven track record having concluded multi-year agreements at palatable levels in other major sectors last year without any industrial action. Jonathan accepted the appointment, on condition that all the other employer organisations in the industry also support his appointment. 

Are You Considering Implementing Short-Time, Lay-Offs or Retrenchments in 2017?

The past ten days have, once again, rocked the South African economy. After a difficult 2015 when the commodities slump, felt particularly hard in the metal sector, led to slower economic growth, many companies had to sprint just to stand still. Then came the firing of then Finance Minister Nene and now the firing of ex-Finance Minister Gordhan. The forecast for the rest of 2017 is dire and for many companies this means that short-time, lay-offs and even retrenchments may need to be considered as means of survival. 

Legislation regulating these processes requires that specific procedures be adhered to. These legal requirements can often prove daunting to employers, particularly those who have never implemented short-time, lay-offs or retrenchments before or who have not had to for some time.
The South African Engineers’ and Founders’ Association, in association with Gordon Angus and Associates is running a workshop to guide employers through the legislative requirements of the Labour Relations Act as well as the industry’s Collective Main Agreement with regard to implementing short-time, lay-offs and retrenchments.

22 February 2017

This is the first of regular updates on the Main Agreement negotiations. 

It has come to our attention that SEIFSA is actively campaigning against our Association in an attempt to persuade our members to resign from SA Engineers and Founders.  It’s extremely unfortunate that SEIFSA has chosen to react in this aggressive and confrontational manner.  SA Engineers and Founders, in the best interests of the industry, is committed to fixing and building relationships between employer associations and not destroying them.  Some of the claims made by SEIFSA in correspondence with members and potential members of SA Engineers and Founders Association however, cannot go unanswered.

The SA Engineers and Founders Association, an employer organisation representing over 450 companies and 35,000 employees in the critical Metal Industry voices its strong disapproval of the latest Cabinet re-shuffle by President Zuma, in particular the firing of Minister Gordhan and Deputy Minister Jonas, formerly of the Treasury. This, while Ministers Bathabile Dlamini and Faith Muthambi, both of whom have presided over calamitous performances in their respective Ministries, have remained untouched.