South African Engineers’ and Founders’ Association

31 July 2018

As you may have read from the notice below currently doing the rounds, NUMSA are requesting that employees be released on full pay to participate in protest action on 1 August 2018.


NUMSA Notice of Protest Action 30 July 2018

Please note that whilst socio-economic protest action is catered for under the Labour Relations Act, the requisite procedures and notice have not been followed in this case and so any employee who chooses to participate in the protest action will not be entitled to be paid for the day, will not be entitled to a shift for Leave Pay purposes and may be disciplined, should management wish to take such action.

For queries, please contact Gordon on 083 412 1437 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

17 July 2018

Please be advised that the employee and employer contribution rates have increased on 1 July by 0.1% again this year, meaning that the contributions from employees and employers is not 7.3%. This is in accordance with the Funds Surplus Apportionment arrangements. For more information, please visit the MIBFA website:

23 July 2018

Are You Having to Consider Short-Time, Lay-Offs or Retrenchments in 2018?

The metal and engineering industry is now under more pressure than ever before, following the commodities slump of a few years ago, felt particularly hard in this sector.  Coupled with collective bargaining arrangements that have led to unsustainably high labour costs, this means that short-time, lay-offs and even retrenchments may need to be considered as means of survival. 

Legislation regulating these processes requires that specific procedures be adhered to.  These legal requirements can often prove daunting to employers, particularly those who have never implemented short-time, lay-offs or retrenchments before or who have not had to for some time.

29 June 2018

We are proud to announce that the SA Engineers and Founders Association have joined Business Unity South Africa (BUSA), with effect from 1 July 2018.  In joining BUSA, SA Engineers and Founders will increase our members influence in all of the areas above.  This will enable us to give direct input into economic and trade policy issues, proposed legislation and regulations and is a significant addition to our service offering to members.

BUSA is a confederation of business organisations which represents South African business, at national and international levels on macro-economic and high-level issues. BUSA’s function is to ensure that business plays a constructive role in the country’s economic growth, policy development and transformation, and to create an environment in which businesses of all sizes and in all sectors can thrive, expand and be competitive. 

19 July 2018

As you know, SAEFA joined Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) as of the beginning of this month.  I attended my first BUSA meeting earlier this week, participating in the SME Working Group that has been established specifically to identify and drive key actions for BUSA to contribute to enterprise development for SMEs, start-ups and formalising businesses in South Africa.  In the meeting SAEFA made the point that the task team and the broader work that BUSA performs should not only focus on making it easier to start businesses, but also work at making it substantially easier for existing small to medium sized businesses to stay in business.
To this end, one of the objectives of the action plan that has been drawn up is to reduce the regulatory burden for SMEs in South Africa.  SAEFAs intention here is to drive the point home, at national level, about the prohibitive cost of labour in the metal industry and the disastrous effects of the extension of agreements that have been reached to the exclusion of our members will have on our industry.

25 June 2018

At our meeting held on 18 June 2018 a presentation was made by Stratfin Solutions on their Edu Tax Back program.

If you were unable to attend and are interested in finding out more please click on the link below to view their video presentation:

If you have any questions please contact Ilan: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A presentation was also made by Mr. Ross Hunter from RGR Technologies on the Future Technologies Platform Initiative, please see below for more information:

Future Technology Platform Initiative Presentation

19 July 2018

As you are aware, SAEFA has been mandated to pursue private dispute resolution mechanisms for our members.  To this end, we have concluded arrangements with private, CCMA accredited dispute resolution providers who are prepared to offer a superior, private dispute resolution service at no additional cost.  However, before this service can be implemented, an exemption first needs to be sought and obtained from the MEIBC, a process which is currently underway.  Until such time as we are ready to introduce the private service for members, please be aware of the 4.7% increase in the Dispute Resolution Levy as per the circular from the MEIBC below:

Circular on Dispute Levy Increase July 2018

19 June 2018
At the SA Engineers and Founders Association meeting held on 17 April 2018, the members agreed that the Association make a recommendation to the members that an increase of 4.5% across the board be made. 
A notice to this effect was sent out on 9 May 2018. 
However, in light of the increase in headline CPI to the current 4.5%, at the members meeting that took place yesterday, 18 June 2018, it was agreed to revise the recommendation by 1% to 5.5%, effective from 1 July 2018.
Please find an updated letter below for your attention.