South African Engineers’ and Founders’ Association

3 October 2018

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5 September 2018

At a meeting of the parties to the MEIBC held earlier this week, SEIFSA and the Plastic Converters’ Association (PCA) voted in favour of the extension of the Settlement Agreement reached last year between SEIFSA and the trade unions.  Should this extension succeed, the implications for the industry are as follows:

  • 1 037 companies (SEIFSA Association members) will be dictating to the remaining 9 194 about what happens in the industry.  10% of companies get to decide what happens irrespective of the views of the remaining 90%.
  • SEIFSA do not represent the majority of employees.  They represent 164 931 of the 424 365 employees in the industry, or 38%.
  • The new minimum wage for the industry will be R46.53 per hour.  Compare this for example to the new minimum rates under the Motor Industry Bargaining Council, which are under R30 per hour and the newly agreed National Minimum Wage of R20 per hour.  Add on costs included in the settlement agreement amount to an extra 35% or higher, meaning the effective cost to employers in our industry will be a minimum of well over R60 per hour.

28 September 2018

Please see guidance document below on the recent Cannabis Judgment prepared for the SA Engineers and Founders Association by Ms. Fiona Leppan from Cliffe Dekker Hoymeyr Inc.

The Cannabis Judgement - Occupational Health & Safety Considerations

5 September 2018

Despite objections put forward by the SA Engineers and Founders Association in a MEIBC Manco Meeting last week, the parties to the MEIBC resolved to hold a meeting yesterday, the 4th of September 2018, for the purposes of conducting a vote around the extension of the Administration and Registration Expenses Agreement and the 2017 - 2020 Settlement Agreement between SEIFSA and the trade unions. The meeting was held yesterday morning and the majority of the parties present (many of which, in our view, are not entitled to vote) voted in favour of the gazettal and extension of the agreements.

We continue to hold the view that the decision taken yesterday is unconstitutional and unlawful. We are, therefore, consulting with our legal team with a view to challenging the decision in court, as we believe that the extension of the Settlement Agreement will have a catastrophic effect on employment and cause further severe strain on the engineering industry.


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The minimum, entry-level wage rate according to the settlement agreement that SEIFSA and the unions are trying to force on the industry is R46.53 per hour.  By comparison:


Minimum wage per hour







Road Freight


Civil Engineering


Members of the Plastic Converters Association (PCA) are pushing for the settlement agreement to be extended to you.  They benefit from a minimum wage rate of less than R30/hr and they are in favour of the extension of an agreement that doesn’t even apply to them.

13 August 2018

Effective Workplace Discipline: Getting It Right, From Counselling to Dismissals

Avoid the mistakes which could potentially cost your business

Section 185 of the Labour Relations Act gives all employees the right not to be unfairly dismissed.  Yet many employers still make fundamental mistakes when taking corrective action against their employees.  As an employer, there is nothing more frustrating than having to compensate or reinstate an employee who has broken your rules.  The key to successful workplace discipline starts with understanding the principles of progressive discipline and ensuring you know the procedural requirements to ensure fairness.