South African Engineers’ and Founders’ Association

19 June 2018
At the SA Engineers and Founders Association meeting held on 17 April 2018, the members agreed that the Association make a recommendation to the members that an increase of 4.5% across the board be made. 
A notice to this effect was sent out on 9 May 2018. 
However, in light of the increase in headline CPI to the current 4.5%, at the members meeting that took place yesterday, 18 June 2018, it was agreed to revise the recommendation by 1% to 5.5%, effective from 1 July 2018.
Please find an updated letter below for your attention.

15 May 2018

Following the last meeting of the SA Engineers and Founders Association of 17 April 2018, please find below a recommendation on this year’s wage increases for scheduled staff for your attention.

Wage Increase Recommendation - 1 July 2018


28 May 2018

Please read this carefully as it deals with issues of great importance and relevance to your business. We need your input.

Objections to the Extension of the SEIFSA/Trade Union Agreement onto Non-Parties

As we previously advised, SEIFSA and the trade unions have joined forces in an attempt to extend their 2017 settlement agreement on the majority of employers in the industry.  At a recent meeting of the Management Committee (MANCO) of the MEIBC, the Plastic Convertors’ Association of South Africa (PCASA), which had previously indicated their strong opposition to an extension, completely changed their position and voted with SEIFSA to extend the agreement to the rest of the Industry.  While the final numbers are still being verified, this does increase the chances of the agreement being extended.  It is necessary for you to understand the implications for your business, should this occur.

4 May 2018

Further to our communication to you of 12 March 2018, please see the media statement released by the Department of Trade and Industry on the Section 232 duties implemented by the United States on steel and aluminium products:
Members are advised to take particular note of the advice issued by the DTI:
“In the meantime, Department of Trade and Industry encourages the domestic exporters to engage their US buyers to consider applying for product exemption under a process conducted by the US Commerce Department for products.”


25 April 2018

Are You Having to Consider Short-Time, Lay-Offs or Retrenchments in 2018?

2017 was an exceptionally difficult year for employers.  The commodities slump of a few years ago, felt particularly hard in the metal sector, has led to slower economic growth and many companies have had to sprint just to stand still.  The forecast for 2018 is unfortunately no better and for many companies, this means that short-time, lay-offs and even retrenchments may need to be considered as means of survival. 

Legislation regulating these processes requires that specific procedures be adhered to.  These legal requirements can often prove daunting to employers, particularly those who have never implemented short-time, lay-offs or retrenchments before or who have not had to for some time.

The South African Engineers’ and Founders’ Association, in association with Gordon Angus and Associates is running a half day workshop to guide employers through the legislative requirements of the Labour Relations Act and other applicable laws.

18 May 2018

Members may have seen an email doing the rounds sent out by SEIFSA regarding the gazettal and extension of their settlement agreement with the unions.  Unfortunately, SEIFSA is being economical with the truth. 

What they don’t tell you here is that in terms of section 32(1), the employer associations who have a seat on the MEIBC and vote for the agreement to be given to the Minister for extension, have to represent the majority of employees of all the employer associations on the MEIBC. 

19 April 2018

Argus Metal Prices provides global coverage of the metals industry featuring a comprehensive array of daily price assessments, as well as detailed analysis. They are interested in entering into a partnership with us to provide metal price indices and analysis of the metal industry to the membership.
There are two subscription models that we are reviewing: either the Association is licenced and this market information will be available on the members’ portal or each company takes out a subscription with Argus Metals at a subsidised fee. The more feedback received from the membership will enable an informed decision to be made, so that the appropriate solution can be tailored to the needs of the membership.
Three services have been detailed below and if your business is interested in receiving the particular information contained in any of the links, please let Charlene know by 30th April 2018.
The sample reports should give you a good idea as to the content provided.