South African Engineers’ and Founders’ Association

29 November 2017

Fake News 1


SA Engineers and Founders members are resigning in droves from the Association.

While some of our members have decided to join SEIFSA-affiliated associations, they have done so due to an unfounded concern that our Association was determined to engineer a strike during the final round of Main Agreement negotiations. These members thought there would be safety in what appeared to be bigger numbers.

Subsequent events have shown that this is not true.


10 October 2017

We are pleased to announce that members of the SA Engineers and Founders Association have been offered a 15% discount on the 2017 Annual Labour Law Update Seminar, presented by Global Business Solutions.

Members wanting to attend this world-class seminar are requested to indicate that they are SAEFA members on the box “How did you find out about this Seminar”, to qualify for this discount.

About the course:

Global Business Solutions’ Annual Labour Law Update Seminar is a day-long session during which our CEO - renowned labour law specialist, speaker and lecturer Jonathan Goldberg - unpacks the latest labour law cases. Most importantly, he will tell you what these mean for your business so that you are one step ahead by amending company policies and/or procedures in line with recent case law rulings.

3 November 2017

The SA Engineers and Founders Association’s position with regard to the 2017 Main Agreement negotiations is well documented.  As you are aware, there is currently no binding agreement in place for our members.  As a consequence, if your company is in the position of not being able to pay the Leave Enhancement Pay to your scheduled employees upon them proceeding on annual leave, you are not obliged to do so.  Ordinarily, you would be required to submit an exemption application, together with supporting financial documentation, proof of consultation, etc., something which many members dread, as the process is onerous, cumbersome and time-consuming.  Members of the SA Engineers and Founders do not need to submit such an exemption, as there is no need to be exempted from an agreement which does not bind us.

It is advisable that you consult with your employees over your plans regarding payment over the annual shutdown period, so that employees fully understand the financial implications. 

For assistance with this or with any other IR-related query, please contact Gordon: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


9 October 2017

At a Management Committee (Manco) meeting on Friday last week, the SA Engineers and Founders Association upheld its long-standing mandate of not contributing increased funding to the MEIBC without first seeing meaningful change toward a more transparent, impartial and efficient Council.  It is now ILLEGAL for SA Engineers and Founders’ members to deduct or pay over Admin Levies.  Of course, this means that there are no longer any matching contributions to be made by the employer, either.

A new Administration and Registration Expenses Collective Agreement was adopted by all of the Associations affiliated to SEIFSA, as well as the trade unions, highlighting their complete lack of commitment to meaningful change.  All employer associations not affiliated to SEIFSA did not sign the agreement.  This action effectively released SA Engineers and Founders’ members from any obligation to contribute.  It is this Association’s opinion that any increased funding at this point would be similar to bailing out SAA or the SABC, without any credible strategy to return them to viability and profitability. 

2 November 2017

Unlikely that SEIFSA-NUMSA agreement can be extended to non-parties; the legal fund is a desperate attempt to force through the deal and will cost millions

SAEFA members may be aware of a war of words between employer bodies in the engineering and metal industries, centred around the wage negotiations commencing in May this year.

As members may recall, the goal leading up to the 2017 wage negotiations was to ensure that an inclusive deal was reached, representing the interests of labour and employer bodies – including SAEFA members – equally. Mediation and arbitration specialist Johnny Goldberg was brought on board as a lead negotiator on behalf of employer bodies, in good faith, with the intention to ensure an inclusive negotiation process for all parties.

This inclusive process was cut short when SEIFSA and NUMSA engaged in bilateral negotiations and signed their own wage settlement agreement. SAEFA is not in favour of this deal. Not only were we excluded, but critical employer demands that were tabled to address the dire need for job creation in an industry that has been steadily bleeding jobs, were not considered.

Designated Employers are required to submit employment equity reports annually to the Department of Labour, illustrating their company’s employment profile, employee demographics and income differentials. The reporting period begins 1 October of each year, and companies have until 15 January to complete their submission.

If you are unsure if you are a designated employer, ask yourself these 2 questions:

  1. Do you employ more than 50 employees?
  2. Is your annual turnover more than the industry threshold as depicted in the table?

Bonus update, a  strategic report was released  late last week by the Centre for Risk Analysis at the IRR on how the leadership race in the ANC is likely to conclude and what the long-term implications for South Africa and the economy will be. This makes this breakfast even more relevant to attend.

See below to register and note that we will cater for special dietary requirements.

Clem Sunter wrote in the foreword to Frans Cronje's book, S.A. in 2030, "Nobody can predict precisely the way the future is going to play out in the long term.  That is why it is much better to be vaguely right than precisely wrong.  Scenario planning is a methodology that accepts this principle by identifying the forces or trends that are shaping the future."

27 September 2017

Please see below an invitation from Business Unity South Africa to attend a workshop on how to access skills funding incentives.  This workshop will be held in Durban, but others will be held in the other major centres in due course.  We will inform you as they are advertised.

Please click on the following link to view the invitation: BUSA Workshop Invitation

Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) is hosting a workshop for employers or an appropriate representative that will focus on how you can access skills funding incentives so as to maximize your human resource development opportunities. The workshop will look at the Learnership Tax Incentive (12 H), the Employer Tax Incentive (ETI), Discretionary Grants and finally – how to claim points on the BBBEE scorecard.