South African Engineers and Founders Association

At a meeting of the MEIBC Management Committee (Manco) on Wednesday, 29 June 2016, it was agreed, subject to a postal vote of representatives in terms of section 10(3) of the MEIBC Constitution, that the Registration and Administration Expenses Agreement ("Admin Agreement") be dealt with as follows:

- The Minister will be requested to renew the period of operation of the Admin Agreement for non-parties (which is due to expire tomorrow, 30 June 2016) for a further period of 12 months from date of publication.

The meeting also agreed to the establishment of an Oversight Committee, the draft terms of reference of which were circulated to the meeting.

All parties to the Council supported the establishment of the Oversight Committee.

The nett effect of the above is that the industry dispute has been resolved (subject to the results of the postal vote), the strike has been averted and the parties have all committed to work together to identify, work on and resolve all of the challenges currently plaguing the MEIBC.

The South African Engineers and Founders Association believes these developments are extremely positive and are a huge initial step forward in changing the course of the industry going forward.

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