South African Engineers and Founders Association

9 October 2017

At a Management Committee (Manco) meeting on Friday last week, the SA Engineers and Founders Association upheld its long-standing mandate of not contributing increased funding to the MEIBC without first seeing meaningful change toward a more transparent, impartial and efficient Council.  It is now ILLEGAL for SA Engineers and Founders’ members to deduct or pay over Admin Levies.  Of course, this means that there are no longer any matching contributions to be made by the employer, either.

A new Administration and Registration Expenses Collective Agreement was adopted by all of the Associations affiliated to SEIFSA, as well as the trade unions, highlighting their complete lack of commitment to meaningful change.  All employer associations not affiliated to SEIFSA did not sign the agreement.  This action effectively released SA Engineers and Founders’ members from any obligation to contribute.  It is this Association’s opinion that any increased funding at this point would be similar to bailing out SAA or the SABC, without any credible strategy to return them to viability and profitability. 

It is envisaged that the minority of employers in the metal industry that fall under the SEIFSA banner, in partnership with the trade unions, will attempt to impose this ill-conceived agreement on us in the same way that they intend to impose (by way of extension to non-parties) the SEIFSA/NUMSA wage deal on us.

As previously stated, extension of these agreements to non-parties is impossible, although SEIFSA have prevailed upon one of their (large) members to fund the services of a team of lawyers to attempt to find a loophole to impose their will upon us.  This attempt to extend the Admin Agreement is expected to be a “dry-run” for their goal of imposing their capitulated wage deal on the majority of employers in the industry and both are doomed to failure.

No doubt SEIFSA will continue to peddle lies to SA Engineers and Founders members in an attempt to get them to defect.  It is more important now than ever for us to stay united to ensure that we get the change in our industry and our bargaining council that will bring about the stability and growth we all desire.  We must continue to challenge the status quo that got us into the mess we find ourselves in today.  Always bear in mind that SEIFSA and NUMSA only have the interests of their own organisations in mind and not the best interests of industry and business.

It might well be that the MEIBC finally succumbs to its self-inflicted woes.  If so, then so be it, but this is not the goal of the SA Engineers and Founders Association.  Our goal is a modern, efficient and non-partisan bargaining council, working to oversee the industry for everyone’s benefit.  Should the MEIBC collapse, the oft-repeated scare-tactic that the employees’ pension and provident funds would follow will be proven false, as these funds are controlled separately by the Metal Industry Benefit Funds Administrators (MIBFA) and would outlive the collapse of the MEIBC.

The SA Engineers and Founders Association is an EMPLOYERS association, controlled by EMPLOYERS, striving to give employers choices in running their own businesses.