Main Agreement Wage Rates and Technical Schedules

South African Engineers and Founders Association

21 October 2022

As you are aware the Minister of Employment and Labour has gazetted and extended the Main Agreement to non-parties with effect from 17 October 2022. It is obligatory to implement the Main Agreement provisions at all metal and engineering industry businesses. 

We have previously circulated a link to download the Government Gazette. If you may want to view the Technical Schedules contained in the Main Agreement they can be found below:

Technical Schedules - Schedule G

Technical Schedules - Schedule M

Technical Schedules - Schedule D (part 1)

Technical Schedules - Schedule D (part 2)

Technical Schedules - Schedule D (part 3)

Technical Schedules - Schedule D (part 4)

Technical Schedules - Schedule E

Technical Schedules - Schedule F

Below is a comparison table for your information:


As previously communicated if your company is not able to implement the Main Agreement rates you will need to submit an application for exemption from the Main Agreement.  Please also note that Leave Enhancement Pay (LEP - formerly known as Leave Bonus) is payable for most companies in December.  In the absence of an exemption on the minimum wages, this is calculated on Main Agreement rates. Even if you are applying for an exemption from the wage rates of the Main Agreement, you still also have to apply for an exemption from LEP, if you require it.

SAEFA is exploring all avenues with our legal advisors and will keep members abreast of developments as they occur.