Unlock BBBEE Ownership Points without Giving Up Business Shares

South African Engineers and Founders Association

26 October 2023

We understand that achieving maximum BBBEE Ownership points is of paramount importance to your business.  To that end, we are pleased to introduce you to an innovative solution that allows you to qualify for these points into perpetuity without relinquishing any shares in your operating business.

The Sale & Leaseback Opportunity with a Majority Black Female Youth Owned BEE Fund:

You have the opportunity to qualify for maximum BEE Ownership points while maintaining full control of your business.  This unique solution entails entering into a Sale & Leaseback agreement with a majority Black Female Youth owned BEE fund that has made a significant qualifying investment under Section 102 of the BBBEE Act.  This section pertains to the sale of assets, equity instruments, and other businesses, and it provides a robust foundation for a mutually beneficial partnership.

A Practical Example:

One practical example of how this arrangement works is by selling your solar installation, whether it is an existing one or a new project, to the BBBEE Fund.  After the sale, you can lease back the installation to continue benefiting from its usage.  This concept is also applicable to commercial properties, offering a versatile means to earn the BBBEE Ownership points necessary for compliance.

Key Benefits:

  • Ownership Points: Achieve the BBBEE Ownership points your company requires to meet regulatory compliance and enhance your social and economic contribution.
  • Control: Maintain full control of your business operations and decisions without diluting your ownership.
  • Sustainable: This solution provides a perpetual and sustainable means of earning BBBEE Ownership points.

For further details and to explore how this innovative opportunity can benefit your business, please feel free to contact Ross Williams using the details below.  He is available to answer your questions and provide comprehensive information about this offering.

Contact Information:

Ross Williams

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +353 87 707 2793

We believe that this approach offers a strategic and sustainable way to achieve your BBBEE Ownership goals.