South African Engineers and Founders Association

20 October 2021

Please see below a further update on the wage negotiations:

Wage Negotiation Advisory No. 46 - 20 October 2021


13 October 2021

Please see letter below sent to the National Police Commissioner this morning.   

Letter to SAPS National Commissioner - 13 October


15 October 2021

In light of the escalating violence, intimidation and damage to property being experienced by our members, we have obtained legal advice on approaching the Courts for relief.  We asked in previous communication for members to keep evidence of incidents in the event that we decide to seek legal relief.  Now is that time. 

It is critical for the success of the application for SAEFA’s members to provide the following for purposes of the founding affidavit:

11 October 2021

Please see below the joint report from employer parties in the Plastics Negotiating Forum (PNF), where an agreement has been reached with all trade unions except NUMSA.

Final Joint Report 8 October 2021 - PNF


14 October 2021

Please see below a further wage negotiation update, as well as a notice that we encourage you to send directly to your employees, informing them of the SAEFA wage increase offer.

Wage Negotiation Advisory No. 45

Notice to SAEFA Member Employees - 14 October 2021

8 October 2021

Please see below statement on the current metal industry strike:

SAEFA Statement on Metal Industry Strike

We are also aware of rumours that a deal has been reached between SEIFSA and NUMSA, but are unable to confirm this at this stage. Since we have not reached an agreement with NUMSA, in light of the blatant disregard for picketing rules and the rule of law by striking workers, we have accepted the offer from the CCMA to intervene and we hope that other employer parties and trade unions do as well

14 October 2021

Please see an update below on the current wage negotiations:

Wage Negotiation Advisory No. 44 - 14 October 2021

5 October 2021

Please take note of the socio-economic protest action planned for Thursday this week. 

Despite being dated 2017 it appears that it is still applicable.

The strike is protected, but the principle of “no work, no pay” will apply. 

COSATU Notice to Nedlac of Intention to Proceed with Protest Action