South African Engineers and Founders Association

4 October 2021

The results of the electronic ballot conducted by Tokiso on behalf of SAEFA has been circulated to members. The majority of our members voted in support of the implementation of a lock out, in the event of industrial action.

Attached below is the lock out notice sent to the MEIBC: 

Lock Out Notice MEIBC

A template notice which may be used at plant level should you wish to is available from the office.

Please note that member companies are not obligated to lock out employees; however, those who do wish to lock-out employees, are legally permitted to do so.

The picketing rules awarded by the CCMA are also attached below for your attention:

MEIBC Picketing Rules


14 September 2021

Please see a report below following today’s MEIBC Manco-appointed subcommittee meeting to discuss the dispute declared by NUMSA in the industry wage negotiation:

Wage Negotiation Advisory No 41

We have also included a notice for employees that may be placed on company notice boards, at management’s discretion:

Notice to SAEFA Member Employees - 14 September 2021


1 October 2021

Today was a watershed moment for the industry.  SAEFA and Solidarity signed an agreement which we feel will be to the mutual advantage of employees and employers, and the metal and engineering industry as a whole.

This is a ground breaking agreement which opens up opportunities for increased employment, particularly for the young and inexperienced, in the industry and the country.

Please see details below in the Advisory, which may (at your discretion) be placed on company notice boards, together with the signed agreement.

Wage Negotiation Advisory No. 43

Agreement of Settlement


7 September 2021

Please see below the latest update regarding wage negotiations:

Wage Negotiation Advisory No. 40


29 September 2021

Please see below an update following further engagements between parties to the MEIBC today. 

Due to NUMSA issuing strike notice today, SAEFA will, in conjunction with an independent institution, Tokiso, be conducting an electronic ballot of our members during the course of this week to assess the level of support for members to exercise their right to institute a lock out in response to the strike called by NUMSA. 

This electronic ballot will take place in secret and the following must please be noted by all participants:

  • Only paid-up members in good standing will be entitled to participate in the ballot; and
  • Only one vote per member in good standing will be allowed.


19 August 2021

Late on Monday afternoon, SAEFA received the notice below from NUMSA, advising of intended picketing to start from 23rd August 2021.  After having carefully considered the notice and the legalities related thereto, SAEFA is of the view that no procedural picketing may take place.  This is because the purpose of such a picket as contemplated needs to be in support of a protected strike.  Since no protected strike has yet been embarked upon (we have informed members of the procedure required in previous communication), there can, therefore, be no picket without, at the very least, explicit agreement from management that employees may gather in the workplace during lunchtimes and teatimes.  Should management wish to enter into such agreements, please ensure that the employees adhere to all of the requisite Covid-19 protocols. 

Any picketing that takes place in the absence of an express agreement with management is unprotected and may result in disciplinary action being taken against participating employees.    

NUMSA Notice of Nationwide Demonstrations in the Engineering Sector

15 September 2021

Business continues to be exceptionally difficult for industry employers – the industry had not fully recovered from 2008 crash before the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown.  Economic indicators paint a bleak picture of the immediate future in manufacturing.

One of the biggest causes of financial strain on a business is having to pay employees where there is no reciprocal value added to the business.  Although employees are entitled to various forms of leave, make sure you’re not leaving money on the table!

The South African Engineers’ and Founders’ Association, in association with Gordon Angus and Associates is running a 2-3 hour webinar on Wednesday 29 September at 14:00, to guide employers through the legislative requirements of all forms of leave, including how to apply Covid-19 Regulations in the workplace.

For more information or to book please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


3 August 2021

Despite having engaged with SAEFA only once thus far, NUMSA have declared themselves to be in dispute with all industry employers, including SAEFA, NEASA, CEO and SEIFSA.  Towards the end of last month, we advised members that this was a distinct possibility, and gave the following clarity in terms of the process:

Good afternoon members.  There are rumours doing the rounds that strike action is planned to start from next week Wednesday (28th July).   Please take careful note that protected strike action is not possible in the next few, to several weeks at least.  In order for protected strike action to take place, the parties to a negotiation need to deadlock.  This hasn’t happened yet and as the next negotiating meeting between any of the parties to the MEIBC is next week Wednesday (between SEIFSA and the unions).  Once there is a deadlock, a party may declare a dispute against the others by filing the requisite forms with the MEIBC.  This may be done next week Wednesday, 28th July at the earliest.  From there, the MEIBC General Secretary, together with the President of the Council are required to call a Manco within 14 days, the purpose of which is to allow the parties to decide on how they want to resolve the dispute.  They can choose one of four options: