South African Engineers and Founders Association

30 July 2021

Please see report following today’s negotiation meeting with NUMSA:

Wage Negotiation Advisory No. 39

9 July 2021

Please see below the joint employer report following the negotiating meetings held on 7 and 8 July 2021:

Joint Employer Report PNF Negotiations - 7 & 8 July 2021

23 July 2021

There are rumours doing the rounds that strike action is planned to start from next week Wednesday.   Please take careful note that protected strike action is not possible in the next few, to several weeks at least.  In order for protected strike action to take place, the parties to a negotiation need to deadlock.  This hasn’t happened yet and as the next negotiating meeting between any of the parties to the MEIBC is next week Wednesday (between SEIFSA and the unions).  Once there is a deadlock, a party may declare a dispute against the others by filing the requisite forms with the MEIBC.  This may be done next week Wednesday, at the earliest.  From there, the MEIBC General Secretary, together with the President of the Council are required to call a Manco within 14 days, the purpose of which is to allow the parties to decide on how they want to resolve the dispute.  They can choose one of four options:

6 July 2021

We are aware that pressure is being placed on employers to answer questions from the shop floor regarding wage increases.  Unfortunately, as wage talks are still ongoing, no certainty can be given at this time.  Please see notice below which may be placed on the company notice boards informing the employees of the current position.

Notice to SAEFA Member Employees - 6 July 2021


22 July 2021

Please see an update below regarding wage talks. 

We understand that members are anxious to hear what is happening in the negotiations, but talks are at a critical stage and we appeal to you for patience whilst we finalise the agreement which we will then bring to you for approval. 

Wage Negotiation Advisory No. 38

28 June 2021

Please see below the amended Level 4 Regulations, published today:

Government Gazette No 11299

Please note that all businesses may continue to operate normally, subject to the following:

  • Any employee required to travel to and/or from work between the hours of 21h00 and 04h00 will be required to keep a copy of completed Form 7 on them, together with their identification document.
  • Any employee required to travel inter-provincially will also be required to keep a copy of Form 7 on them whilst travelling, as well as their ID document.

14 July 2021

Please see report below following today’s wage negotiations held under the auspices of the MEIBC:

Wage Negotiation Advisory No. 37


Many members will have seen communication being sent out by SEIFSA regarding wage negotiations and settlement offers being made by them.  These comments are made in respect of the negotiations between SEIFSA and the trade unions and do not involve SAEFA members.  Any agreement entered into between SEIFSA and the trade unions will not apply to SAEFA members.

25 June 2021

This servers as a reminder that the employer contribution rates for the pension and provident funds will increase on 1 July by 0.1%, meaning that contributions from employers will be 7.6%, with the employees contribution remaining at 7.5%. This is in accordance with the Funds Surplus Apportionment arrangements. 

Below please find a link to the notice circulated earlier this month:


For more information, please visit the MIBFA website: (Pension Fund Surplus Apportionment information) (Provident Fund Surplus Apportionment information)