South African Engineers and Founders Association

24 March 2021

Would you like to know what your business is required to do in order to respect personal information in compliance with Act 4 of 2013 (PoPI)?

As businesses are custodians of personal information it is essential to incorporate PoPI into their functioning. This would require meeting the thresholds contained in the Act in its dealings with the personal information of employees, suppliers, vendors and business partners. For many businesses proper compliance with the Act in this way may necessitate that its operations, policies and processes be reviewed and brought in line with the sound business practices as provided for in the Act. Should a business be found to be non-compliant, the Act imposes serious implications which should best be avoided.

The South African Engineers’ and Founders’ Association, in association with Gordon Angus and Associates will be running a webinar on Wednesday 7 April 2021 at 14h00 via the Teams platform to guide employers through the legislative requirements and business implications of PoPI.

4 January 2021

Please see link below to an explanation of the amended Level 3 lockdown regulations. Members must please take note that it appears as though employees needing to travel to and from work outside of the curfew hours will need to possess the requisite Form 7, a copy of which is attached below:

Form to travel

16 March 2021

Tune in to Classic FM (102.7 FM) tonight at 18h20 to hear SAEFA Executive Director, Gordon Angus, live on air with Michael Avery discussing the following:

  • the history of collective bargaining in the metal industry;
  • typical employer experiences in the industry wage negotiations and the negative effect of the poor quality of agreements being reached;
  • the detrimental effect of the extension of these agreements on businesses in the metal industry; and
  • what SAEFA has done and is doing to change the trajectory of the industry.

A podcast will be made available for anyone not able to listen in live.

4 January 2021

Please note that the 2011 Registration and Administration Expenses Collective Agreement has been re-extended, despite our objections. This means that the Admin and Dispute Resolution Levies are now payable again from 23 December 2020, with the Admin Levy being R1,72 per SCHEDULED employee per week (R7,45 per month) with an equal contribution to be deducted from the employee; and the Dispute Levy being R0,62 per employee per week (R2,68 per month) with an equal contribution to be deducted from the employee. 

Below please find the gazette as well as our objection filed in November for information:


GNR 1412 of 2020 (23 Dec 2020)

SAEFA letter resisting extension of 2011 RAECA 15 November 2020

12 February 2021

The Department of Employment and Labour has published the National Minimum Wage Review and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

Please find below the Notices for your attention.  Whilst the increasing of the National Minimum Wage may have limited effect on members, the increasing of the earnings threshold in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) means that any non-scheduled employee who earns in excess of R211 596.30 per annum is excluded from sections 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17(2) and 18(3) of the BCEA with effect from 1 March 2021.  For ease of reference, the headings of these sections are listed below:

23 November 2020

Please see report below following the Main Agreement negotiations held on Friday, 20 November 2020. 

The SAEFA Negotiating Team is very encouraged by the progress made in the talks and will keep members up to date with developments as they occur.

Wage Negotiation Advisory No. 34


2 February 2021

Please find a the Updated Lockdown Regulations as issued by the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs on 01 February 2021 below:

Statement by President Cyril Rhamaphosa on progress in the national effort to contain Covid - 01-02-2021

Gazette No 44130 Dept of Co-Operative Governance Disaster Management Act


27 October 2020

Following enquiries regarding the continued payment of MEIBC levies, please be reminded of the circular attached sent out by the MEIBC earlier in the month.  Please note that industry Pension and/or Provident Fund contributions and Sick Pay Fund levies must continue to be deducted from employees.

Industry Circular