South African Engineers and Founders Association

29 May 2020

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28 April 2020

The metal and engineering industry is now under more pressure than ever before, following the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent lockdown.  Coupled with collective bargaining arrangements that have led to unsustainably high labour costs, this means that short-time, lay-offs and even retrenchments may need to be considered as means of survival. 

Legislation regulating these processes requires that specific procedures be adhered to.  These legal requirements can often prove daunting to employers, particularly those who have never implemented short-time, lay-offs or retrenchments before or who have not had to for some time.

The South African Engineers’ and Founders’ Association, in association with Gordon Angus and Associates is running a 2-hour webinar to guide employers through the legislative requirements of the Labour Relations Act and other applicable laws.

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Short Time Lay off Retrenchement Workshop Flyer

19 May 2020

Section 185 of the Labour Relations Act gives all employees the right not to be unfairly dismissed. However, many employers still make fundamental mistakes when taking corrective action against their employees. The key to successful workplace discipline starts with understanding the principles of progressive discipline and ensuring you know the procedural requirements to ensure fairness. All too often, employers are ill prepared when taking disciplinary action against employees. Even the most experienced chairperson requires both parties to be adequately prepared. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented a significant number of novel problems for companies across the country. Sailing unchartered waters has become the norm as companies turn to virtual solutions to continue business under lockdown conditions in order to comply with social distancing principles.  

SAEFA, in collaboration with Gordon Angus and Associates, is running two webinars, first, to guide employers in the effective disciplining of employees; and secondly, an advanced course on how to conduct disciplinary enquiries on a virtual platform. Delegates may attend either or both webinars depending on their respective experience and/or requirements.

27 April 2020

Please see below important information relating to the amendments to regulations.  It is our intention to update this document regularly as amendments and regulations are gazetted.  Our sincerest thanks to Fiona Leppan, Director in the Employment practice at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr Inc. and her team for their hard work in preparing the guidelines.



30 April 2020

We’re pleased to be able to inform you that the Risk Adjusted Strategy Regulations published last night are more relaxed than the draft proposal originally contemplated, with “steel and other metals” manufacturing being permitted to scale up to 50% employment. Please use the link below to access the regulations:

22 April 2020

We have received helpful information regarding UIF TERS applications from our colleagues at the Plastic Converters Association of SA (PCASA). Acknowledgement and thanks to the PCASA for their input on the issues below.


We have reports from some members of payments received. These payments do not in all cases correlate with the benefit as set out in the MOA and seem to be partial payments. This has been brought to the attention of the UIF Commissioner and we await clarification. We do, however, advise that you use the UIF TERS Portal and lodge a complaint via the email link. It is clear that this only applies in cases where members have either advanced payments or paid employees partially for the time physically worked.

It is of utmost importance that you lodge your own complaint and keep record of same to be able to make follow-ups once the lockdown is lifted.

29 April 2020

Please see below important directives gazetted today, 29 April 2020 for your attention:



21 April 2020