About Us


The SA Engineers and Founders Association (SAEFA) represents the interests of about 500 companies in the metal and engineering industries. These companies range in size from very small employers to large multinational organisations. SAEFA not only offers a wide range of direct services to member companies but also represents the interests of our members at both industry and national levels.

The benefits of membership of the South African Engineers and Founders' Association are that we:

  • Directly coordinate the efforts of and represent the interests of our member companies during negotiations with trade unions at the Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council (MEIBC) and therefore regulate relations between members and employees or trade unions
  • Promote, support or oppose any proposed legislative or other measures affecting the interests of members
  • Provide assistance to members on all matters affecting the relationship between themselves and their employees or trade unions
  • Have established and administer funds for the benefit of our members
  • Have the ability to amalgamate or to affiliate or collaborate with any Companies, Institutions, Societies or Associations having objects altogether or in part similar to this Association
  • Encourage and promote an advance in the overall levels of technical abilities and capabilities at all levels in operational employees of members
  • Further the interests of the industry through public relations activities
  • Act as the centre for industry liaison, contact and knowledge
  • Encourage the settlement of disputes between members and their employees or trade unions by conciliation, mediation or arbitration and
  • Collect, collate, tabulate and disseminate any information likely to be of use to members

SAEFA, either independently or through its affiliates, operates on the following levels:

SAEFA represents its members on a number of organisations and in engagements with key industry stakeholders that are critical to the success of the industry as a whole including:

  • Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council (MEIBC)
  • Metal Industries Benefit Funds Administrators (Mibfa)
  • Discussions with the Department of Trade and Industry
  • Discussions with the Department of Labour

At industry level, SAEFA directly participates in the negotiations of collective agreements covering wages and conditions of employment with the trade unions. The Association also represents employers on the boards of the Engineering Industries Pension Fund, the Metal Industries Provident Fund, the Metal and Engineering Industries Permanent Disability Scheme, the Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council Sick Pay Fund and the Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council.
SAEFA provides a comprehensive range of services and products of direct benefit to Associations and their members. SAEFA’s range of services and products includes advice, assistance, consultancy and training on labour legislation, dispute resolution, employment conditions and all other industrial relations topics. Through our affiliates, assistance is offered on health and safety, broad-based black economic empowerment and skills development.

Communication to members

Communication is an important aspect of the Association’s relationship with its members. Towards the end of the last financial year, the Association’s Executive Committee took the decision to introduce in-house Administration and Accounting Services. This reduced costs and enhanced efficiencies for SAEFA.

This decision was mostly driven by the need to provide the Association with more focused attention and service, specifically during times of wage negotiations, to re-establish the Association’s independence, to cut costs and to curtail any increase in membership subscription fees.  It is the intention of the SAEFA Executive Committee to provide an improved service and enhanced benefit to Association members through the appointment of these full time service providers.  To this end regular electronic mails are sent to members and new means of effectively communicating with members are being investigated.