SAEFA’s Angus on tackling collapse of employment in SA industry: It’s Pretoria’s regulations stupid!

Employment in South Africa’s engineering sector has fallen sharply over the past two decades to half of where it should be. In this interview, Gordon Angus of the employer association SEAFA explains why, putting the blame squarely on idealistic but hugely destructive government regulations which are heavily weighted against entrepreneurs – every economy’s lifeblood. He shared the uncomfortable ‘Uber Truths’ with BizNews editor Alec Hogg.

Video production by Rex George


01:04 – What the South African Engineers and Founders Association is?

02:00 – How the scale of the sector has changed

03:27 – The South African economy

05:43 – What’s happening at Arcelor Mittal right now

07:01 – Advice to turn it around

11:24 – The response/anger of the public

13:36 – Collaboration between Big Business and the government

16:11 – Two types of business leaders

19:42 – Conclusion